Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 29491
Attorney Name Olshock, John T.
DBP Docket No. 28 DB 2002
Supreme Court Docket No. 862 DD No. 3
County Washington
Disciplinary Counsel David M. Lame
Counsel for Respondent John E. Quinn
Decision Date 2003-10-24
Effective Date 2003-11-24
Case Digest Respondent is an Assistant District Attorney in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and while handling a private case, served as counsel to the executor for an estate in Washington County. Respondent, over a 2 year period, misappropriated and otherwise used estate monies for his own purposes. Respondent utilized, by depositing or cashing, 18 pre-signed estate checks into his own account. Respondent contended such misuse was an overpayment of his fee stemming from sloppy office practices; yet, Respondent's fee was fully paid within the first 9 months that the estate was opened. In addition to being charged with engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, deceit, and making misrepresentations, Respondent was further charged with lying to Office of Disciplinary Counsel during a disciplinary process but that charge was not proven by clear and convincing evidence. Respondent made repayment to the heirs of the estate prior to Office of Disciplinary Counsel's issuance of a DB-7 letter of inquiry.
Rule Violation(s) 8.1(a) and 8.4(c)
Discipline Imposed Three (3) year suspension
Points of Law The Disciplinary Board in its Report and Recommendation to the Supreme Court made an explicit finding that Respondent's title as an Assistant District Attorney is an aggravating factor in determining the level of disciplinary sanction.
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