Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 35618
Attorney Name Gavin, Francis X.
DBP Docket No. 195 DB 2003
Supreme Court Docket No. 732 DD No. 3
County Out of State
Disciplinary Counsel Harriet R. Brumberg
Counsel for Respondent None
Decision Date 2003-12-10
Effective Date
Case Digest Respondent was reciprocally suspended for three months, based upon a like discipline imposed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey on May 20, 2003. This was the third time Respondent has received reciprocal discipline. In the New Jersey proceeding, Respondent was suspended for lack of diligence (RPC 1.3), failure to communicate (RPC 1.4(a)), and failure to cooperate with ethics authorities (RPC 8.1).
Rule Violation(s)
Discipline Imposed Three Month Reciprocal Suspension
Points of Law
Report/Opinion not available