Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

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Attorney Name Anonymous,    
DBP Docket No. 142 DB 2001
Supreme Court Docket No.
Disciplinary Counsel Gloria Randall Ammons
Counsel for Respondent
Decision Date 2003-10-21
Effective Date 2003-10-21
Case Digest Respondent filed a petition for reinstatement from inactive status. On the Reinstatement Questionnaire accompanying his petition for reinstatement from inactive status, Respondent had indicated that he had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol on a date that preceded his admission to the bar. Investigation by Disciplinary Counsel revealed, however, that the Respondent’s sentence, and thus his “conviction,” occurred after Respondent was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar. Disciplinary Counsel then filed a petition for discipline charging Respondent with having been convicted of a “serious crime,” as defined by Pa.R.D.E. 214(i), as conviction of a serious crime constitutes a per se basis for discipline under Pa.R.D.E. 203(b)(1); and with having failed to report his conviction to the Secretary of the Board within twenty days of the date of sentencing, as required by Pa.R.D.E. 214(a). The Supreme Court entered an Order consolidating both petitions for a hearing. The Respondent had no record of discipline. All participants to the proceeding agreed that Respondent should receive a private reprimand, and the Disciplinary Board adopted the Hearing Committee’s recommendation to that effect.
Rule Violation(s) Pa.R.D.E. 203(b)(1); Pa.R.D.E. 214(a).
Discipline Imposed Non-summary Private Reprimand
Points of Law
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