Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 26287
Attorney Name Farr, Linus Gilbert
DBP Docket No. 126 DB 2004
Supreme Court Docket No. 928 DD No. 3
County Out of State
Disciplinary Counsel Anthony P. Sodroski
Counsel for Respondent None
Decision Date 2004-08-19
Effective Date 2004-09-18
Case Digest Respondent was reciprocally disbarred for like discipline imposed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey on February 25, 2004. The New Jersey Supreme Court entered an Order of disbarment as a result of Respondent’s violating several New Jersey RPC’s, namely, NJ RPC 1.1(a)(gross neglect), NJ RPC 1.1(b)(pattern of neglect), NJ RPC 1.3 (lack of diligence), NJ RPC 1.4(failure to communicate), NJ RPC 1.5(a)(unreasonable fee), NJ RPC 1.5(b)(failure to provide written fee agreement), NJ RPC 1.15(failure to safeguard client property), NJ RPC 1.15(a)(negligent misappropriation of client funds), NJ RPC 1.15(d)(failure to maintain required attorney books and records), NJ 1.16(d)(improper termination of representation), NJ RPC 3.3(a)(5)(failure to disclose material fact to tribunal), NJ RPC 8.1(b)(failure to cooperate with ethics authorities), NJ RPC 8.4(b)(commission of a criminal act that reflects adversely on lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness), NJ RPC 8.4(c)(conduct involving fraud, dishonesty, deceit or misrepresentation), and NJ RPC 8.4(d)(conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice).
Rule Violation(s)
Discipline Imposed Reciprocal Disbarment
Points of Law
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