Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 0
Attorney Name Anonymous,
DBP Docket No. 67 DB 2004
Supreme Court Docket No.
Disciplinary Counsel David M. Lame
Counsel for Respondent Richard H. Lindner
Decision Date 2005-03-23
Effective Date 0000-00-00
Case Digest Respondent’s client received worker’s compensation benefits. Respondent initiated a third party civil action on behalf of his client and obtained a settlement. The insurance carrier claimed and maintained a subrogation interest in the settlement proceeds. Respondent failed to notify the insurance carrier he had settled the civil case. Pursuant to the abbreviated procedure, formal charges were dismissed. A letter of concern was sent to Respondent advising him that his failure to notify the insurance carrier of the civil case settlement for over one year was a “technical” violation of the notice provision of Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15(b).
Rule Violation(s) 1.15(b)
Discipline Imposed Dismissal with letter of concern
Points of Law
Report/Opinion not available