Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 36583
Attorney Name Steele, Charles Ellis
DBP Docket No. 34 DB 1997
Supreme Court Docket No. 311 DD No. 3
County Armstrong
Disciplinary Counsel Samuel F. Napoli
Counsel for Respondent Robert H. Davis, Jr.
Decision Date 2005-06-24
Effective Date 2005-06-24
Case Digest Case Digest Petitioner was disbarred on consent in 1998 after conviction in federal court of eleven counts of mail fraud and four counts of obstruction of justice, concerning overcharging clients in the amount of $10,300. Although the charges involved $10,300, the total amount for restitution was determined on sentencing to be over $81,000. Petitioner served 33 months incarceration. As of the date of the hearing on his Petition for Reinstatement, Petitioner still owed $71,000. Petitioner was found to have met his burden of proving that he should be reinstated.
Rule Violation(s)
Discipline Imposed Reinstatement
Points of Law Conviction of fifteen federal felony counts, eleven of which were mail fraud and four of which were obstruction of justice, is not so egregious as to preclude reinstatement of a disbarred lawyer.
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