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Disciplinary Board Releases New Public Access Features on Website

The Disciplinary Board has released new website features aimed at furthering digital access to public case information. Released at the end of June, these enhancements include an updated status entry on each pending case, more user-friendly navigation, and printable public dockets.

Through the “Look Up an Attorney” function, users have long been able to search any Pennsylvania attorney to find his or her public profile. The “Pending Proceedings” tab on each attorney profile now lists public docket entries with comments from the Board Prothonotary.

On the Board’s “Pending Cases” page, each pending case now includes an up-to-date designation: “Before the Hearing Committee,” “Before the Disciplinary Board,” or “Before the Supreme Court”. Clicking on a pending case directs users to the “Pending Proceedings” tab of an attorney’s website profile.

Similarly, clicking on a recent case entry on the “Recent Cases” page leads users to the “History” tab of an attorney’s profile. On this tab, users can access printable PDFs of dockets for cases disposed of on January 1, 2022 through the present. These dockets allow users to view further case information like Supreme Court docket numbers and respondent’s counsel.

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