Online Annual Attorney Registration Now Mandatory

All attorney annual fee payments are due July 1. Beginning in May, attorneys are required to complete and submit their annual attorney registration through Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System’s web portal. Each year, Annual Attorney Registration will be available here by May 15. Attorneys can pay the Active annual fee, the Inactive annual fee, or may request retired status by completing their annual attorney registration online. Non-waivable late payment penalties apply to all attorneys required to register annually. Click here for schedule of penalties.

Pay Two Ways By July 1

  1. PAY BY CREDIT CARD: Complete your registration online at After electronically submitting your registration form, choose to “Pay Online” using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. ATM/Debit cards are also accepted. Users will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee of $2.75 for each transaction submitted.
  2. PAY BY CHECK: Submit your form electronically at Choose to “Pay by Mail” and print a voucher to be mailed with your check/money order payable to Attorney Registration, P.O. Box 3313, Lancaster, PA 17604-3313. Your registration is not complete until the printed voucher and payment are received by the Attorney Registration Office.

For more information about registration, view the Attorney Registration FAQs.

Reinstatement Steps:

If you have been on inactive status, retired status or administrative suspension for more than three years you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete 36 hours of accredited PA CLE courses with a minimum of 12 of those hours in the area of Ethics.
  2. Complete and file a petition for reinstatement and Special Reinstatement Questionnaire with the Office of the Secretary to the Disciplinary Board. Please file one original set of all documents and one copy.
  3. Complete and submit four (4) notarized original Waivers of Confidentiality.
  4. Contact the Office of the Secretary to the Disciplinary Board with any further questions.

For more information on reinstatement, view the Attorney Reinstatement FAQs or click here for a complete set of the Enforcement Rules and Disciplinary Board Rules applicable to filing for reinstatement.

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