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The "Pennsylvania Handbook for Conservators for Interests of Clients" is an instructional guide for conservators and covers the practicalities of conservatorships in the format of Frequently Asked Questions. This resource includes a checklist of recommended and required tasks within a timetable, downloadable forms, and the governing rules for conservators.

The Pennsylvania Handbook for Conservators for Interests of Clients can be found here.


Appendix 1   Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement 321 et seq.

Appendix 2   Conservatorship Forms

Form A:  Application for Appointment (template with instructions)

Form B:  Affidavit of next of kin or personal representative in favor of appointment of conservator

Form C:  Proposed order appointing conservator

Form D:  Cover letter to president judge

Form E:  UJS Court of Common Pleas Civil Cover Sheet

Form F:  Philadelphia County Civil Cover Sheet

Form G:  Notice of Conservatorship (publication template)

Form H:  Letter to president judge and county court administrator

Form I:   Initial letter to clients of absent attorney

Form J:  Authorization to release file

Form K:  Receipt

Form L:  Second and final letter to clients of absent attorney

Form M:  Cover Letter & Report of Conservator (example & template)

Form N:  Basic Discharge Order

Form O:  Instructions and Claim Form for Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security (PLFCS)

Form P:  Business Expense Voucher

Form Q:  Certificate of Compliance for Case Records Public Access Policy, 204 Pa. Code § 213.81

Form R:  Confidential Information Form & Instructions

Form S:  Confidential Document Form & Instructions