Adams, F. Kirk

Public Information

Attorney ID: 3733

Current Status: Active

Date of Admission: 11/20/1967

Employer: Adams Kearney LLC

Address: 6 E HINKLEY AVE
First Floor
Ridley Park Pennsylvania 19078

Country: United States

Telephone: (610) 521-8800

Fax: (610) 521-5868

County: Delaware

District: District 2

Professional Liability Insurance: I maintain, either individually or through my firm, professional liability insurance pursuant to the provisions of Rule of Professional Conduct 1.4(c).



DB No.: 41 DB 1979

Type: Reinstatement

Date: 12/21/1984

Comments: Reinstatement Granted

DB No.: 41 DB 1979

Type: Suspended

Date: 4/30/1981

Comments: Three Year Suspension