Drinkwater, Phillip F., III

Public Information

Attorney ID: 62058

Current Status: Disability Inactive Pa.R.D.E. 301; Suspended Effective 5/05/2021

Date of Admission: 11/22/1991


Address: 230 N WOODBURY ROAD
PITMAN New Jersey 08071

Country: United States

Telephone: (609) 589-8901

Fax: (609) 589-8648

County: Out of State

District: Out of State

Professional Liability Insurance:



DB No.: 7 DB 2021

Type: Suspended

Date: 4/5/2021

Comments: Six Month Suspension Reciprocal with New Jersey

See Order/Opinion

DB No.: 94 DB 2018

Type: Disabled

Date: 8/9/2018

Comments: Disability Inactive Status Reciprocal with New Jersey

See Order/Opinion