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In Memoriam: John Rogers Carroll, Pioneering Advocate for Impaired Lawyers

Philadelphia lawyer John Rogers Carroll has passed away at the age of 89. His obituary from the Legal Intelligencer is here.

Mr. Carroll was instrumental in the development of many of the resources available in Pennsylvania to help lawyers struggling with substance abuse and other impairment issues. After overcoming alcoholism in his own life and career, he founded a helpline to assist lawyers facing problems with substance abuse and addiction. He went on to chair the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Lawyers’ and Judges’ Assistance Committee, and later became one of the founding members and director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Pennsylvania, one of the country’s most influential organizations providing assistance to impaired lawyers. He also founded the M. Patricia Carroll Fund, named in honor of his wife, which provides direct financial assistance for treatment to judges, lawyers and law students dealing with addiction and mental health disorders.

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