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Board Proposes Rule Change on Discrimination and Harassment in the Practice of Law

The Disciplinary Board published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, recommending to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that it adopt an amendment to Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4, relating to misconduct. The proposed amendment is intended to declare discriminatory and harassing conduct as misconduct when engaged in by lawyers, in the practice of law. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking was published in the May 19 edition of the Pennsylvania Bulletin and may be accessed here.

Interested persons are invited to submit written comments by mail or facsimile regarding the proposed amendments to the Office of the Secretary, The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, 601 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 5600, PO Box 62625, Harrisburg, PA 17106-2625, Facsimile number (717) 231-3381, Email address on or before June 18, 2018.

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