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Supreme Court Adopts Schedule of Fees in Disciplinary and Reinstatement Matters

By Order dated October 17, 2018, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania amended Rules 208 and 218 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement to establish a schedule of administrative fees to be charged to attorneys are who subject to disciplinary sanctions or who seek reinstatement.

Rule 208(g)(4) is amended to provide that the following fees will be imposed for disciplinary actions:

  • Informal Admonition: $250 
  • Private Reprimand: $400
  • Public Reprimand: $500
  • Public Censure: $750
  • Suspension (1 year or less): $1,000
  • Suspension (more than 1 year): $1,500
  • Disbarment: $2,000
  • Disbarment on Consent: $1,000
  • Transfer to Inactive Status following discipline: $1,000

Under the current rule, an administrative fee of $250 is assessed as to all forms of discipline other than informal admonition. That provision is rescinded in the amendment.

If the discipline is imposed by Joint Petition for Discipline on Consent prior to the beginning of the hearing, other than for disbarment, the fee will be reduced by 50%. If the matter is concluded by consent after the hearing begins, the Board has discretion to reduce the fee by up to 50%.

Rule 218(f) is amended to impose fees on attorneys applying for certain kinds of reinstatement according to the following schedule, which must be paid upon filing of the petition for reinstatement:

  • Reinstatement from disbarment/suspension for more than 1 year: $1,000
  • Reinstatement from administrative suspension (more than 3 years): $500
  • Reinstatement from inactive/retired status (more than 3 years): $250

Attorneys to whom reinstatement is granted must also pay the current year’s annual registration fee upon entry of the order.

The new schedules take effect November 16, 2018. 

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