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Pro Bono Representation of Respondents

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel and the Pennsylvania Bar Association have organized a program whereby attorneys have volunteered to represent respondent-attorneys who are financially unable to hire counsel in the early, informal stage of disciplinary investigations. This stage starts with the opening of an investigation and ends with the decision to dismiss the charges or to file a petition for public discipline. It is in this crucial early stage that counsel can persuade disciplinary authorities to dismiss the charges or to reduce or mitigate the discipline sought. These attorneys have completed a PBI training program created and presented by experienced respondents’ attorneys and staff of the Disciplinary Board on the disciplinary process and the representation of respondents in that process. If you are a respondent-attorney and believe you cannot afford to hire private counsel and your professional liability insurance does not provide payment for counsel in disciplinary proceedings, you will find the names and contact information of the volunteer attorneys at this link:

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